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Accept Credit Card Payments Anonymously

How it's working?

Accept Payments Anonymously!

Accept Payments Anonymously , Are you currently working in any of the high-risk industries? Are you tired of banks asking for document on top of document?

In the times where our every transaction and activity could be monitored, do you wish to accept payments while staying anonymous?


You are working with your clients, and want to keep yourself safe. You wish to hold onto the payments but also stay anonymous!

What will you do? Give them your bank account and be known?

Or use a HIGH-RISK MERCHANT ACCOUNT to accept the payments within minutes while staying anonymous?

This is where SalinPay steps in for help. By using our services, you can get paid as easy as 1 2 3 without having to worry about your identity.

Why Us?

Easy Setup; The best part about creating a high-risk merchant account with us is the easy setup we offer. No Documents Needed for Signup. Active Within 24 Hours.

Minimal Charges; You don't have to break your bank to create an account with us! Just pay 4% per transaction! No hidden costs or charges!

Smooth Payments; The customers at SalinPay are glad about our secure payment system. Once a payment is initiated, you get it to your card within 24 hours. The fast transactions option allows you to get paid and rely on the account in any situation whatsoever!

Complete Anonymity; Wherever you are in the globe, your transactions will reach to you in the fastest possible way while keeping your identity anonymous.

How it’s working?

Any person or business can accept Credit/Debit card payments Anonymously with SalinPay
We serve clients from ALL countries.

At Salinpay, we could create an anonymous merchant account for you that allow you to accept Visa card, Mastercard, and others in complete anonymity.

How SalinPay Works?

SalinPay enables any businesses and people to accept debit or credit card payments as easy as 1-2-3! No matter where you are in the globe, you can avail our anonymous merchant account today. SalinPay services all clients from different places in the world.

Features of Our Anonymous Merchant Account
Our merchant account is 100% anonymous. No Documents Needed for Signup. Active Within 24 Hours. We will shortly create your anonymous merchant account control panel on our platform.

Get access to your account control panel in just 24 hours! We will present you a unique link, which is a secure payment page for your business. It enables your customers to make their payments through debit or credit cards online. Be able to personalize and edit the Amount, Currency, and other details.

Once your clients make a payment through Debit/Credit card successfully, SalinPay will forward the same amount mines 4% transaction fee to your Bitcoin wallet after 24 hours. (e.g., when your client makes the online payment $100 through debit or credit card on your SalinPay payment page, we will then send $96 through Bitcoin. We will send it to your Bitcoin wallet after 24 hours!

Get Ready To Accept VISA or MasterCard Payments, Today!

High Risk Industries We Work With

At SalinPay we provide anonymous merchant accounts for high risk merchants, You are likely to be classed as a high risk merchant if you fall into one of the following categories: Dating and Escort Services, Online Gaming and Gambling, Adult Entertainment, Credit Repair and Debt Management, Domain Registration, Events and Tickets, Software Downloads, Prepaid Phone Cards, Tobacco and E-Cigs, Insurance, Money Transfer, Vehicle Sales and Car Parts, Tattoo Studios, Investment Schemes, Lender Merchant Account & Services, PPI Merchant Accounts & Services, Nutraceuticals, Travel and Tourism, Payday Loans, Online Auctions, Foreign Exchange (Forex) Merchant Account/Services, Health and Wellness Products, ISP and Hosting Services, Direct Sales and Pyramid Selling, Alcohol Products, Technical Support & Web Development, Jewellery, Watches & Accessories, Nightclubs and Bars, Cryptocurrency, Phone Locking Services.


SalinPay charge a 4% transaction fee along with a minimum of $0.50 US per transaction.
Non-refundable setup fee: we charge a one-time setup fee $175
100% anonymous merchant account – you won’t find this offer anywhere else!

Anonymous Merchant Account

No Documents Needed
100% anonymous merchant accoun
Active Within 24 Hours

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one-time fee of $175.

Anonymous merchant accounts are super-fast to setup

No matter where you are in the globe, you can avail our anonymous merchant account today. SalinPay services all clients from different places in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Sign Up for your account to get access to the easiest payment getaway!

Policies that Keep Things Hassle Free!

At SalinPay, we not only offer ease of use and low transfer costs but also allow a hassle-free registration process. With us, your high-risk merchant account gets set up within 24 hours.


Our goal at SalinPay is to make sure you experience smooth transactions and easy setup. You get to enjoy a full-fledge working merchant account within 24 hours. Once your account is created, you can start bringing in payments from all over the world!


Our main goal is to offer high-risk merchants a hassle-free experience. To achieve that, we follow a NO DOCUMENTATION policy where our users can create an account without going through the trouble of uploading personal documents.


Our complete anonymity policy enables you to be on top of every situation by staying completely anonymous. Since we don’t ask for documentation, there’s no chance that your data is leaked to any third party. The complete anonymity policy was introduced to help you stay safe from fraud and identity theft!

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